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Corporate Overview

Minitel Communications is a Canadian company which has been locally owned and operated since it’s inception in 1983 in Ottawa.   From the beginning Minitel has made customer service and satisfaction top priorities.  This attention to the client’s needs has been built into our core values and is evidenced in the positive feedback of existing clientele as well as corporate recognition.

We are now the leading provider of telecommunication services in the National Capital Region.  Retaining our focus on customer service, good products and services, Minitel has won the Consumers’ Choice Gold award since 1996..
Minitel provides resolution for today’s highly demanding business telecommunications challenges.  The complete and diverse line of products we carry allow us to create a personalized solution while meeting all of the client’s telecommunication needs.  This one stop shopping makes for a very user friendly experience.  We feel our strength lies in helping a business customer to identify their communication needs and then helping them to integrate the technology into their system.   We are proud of how we are keeping pace – while maintaining a focus on solid customer service which we believe is our trademark.  Customers can still call in and ask for a personal contact with whom they have a rapport and they feel knows their business and understands their objectives.

Our customers continue to tell us that one of the things they like best is the quality of our training staff, as this makes it easier to use the new technology.  In addition we continue to provide free, ongoing training to our customers from our premises.
Our commitment to meeting the clients needs includes evaluating how best to  provide on-going service for the telecom system.  This is accomplished by utilizing both in-house and on-site technicians which allow for remote monitoring.  These diagnostics mean system repairs are often accomplished before the user would even be aware of an issue.  Strategies such as this have proved invaluable in providing our clients with the quick response times our customers have come to expect.
Industry and internal client surveys consistently give recognition to our sales and technical teams and credit them with being knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.

We appreciate the difference human factors make during the implementation of new technology and always look forward to working with our customers on the constantly evolving communication industry.  Moving forward into our 28th year, we are proud of our continued growth in the industry and looking forward to many more.

1775 Courtwood Crescent, Ottawa, ON K2C 3J2 (613) 224-8000

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