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April 15, 2010

Minitel Communications Corp. appreciates the difference human factors make during the introduction of new technology

Retaining their focus on customer service, good products and services, Minitel Communications has won the Consumers’ Choice Gold award for the 10th year in a row.

The local company owned by Terry and Lorraine Kerr is proud of its strong, experienced team of employees, and of being a leading provider of telecommunication services in the National Capital Region.

Minitel is also Ottawa's largest fully authorized Nortel Networks distributor. They sell and service Nortel phone systems for business - from small applications all the way up to 10,000 phones.

“Our customers continue to tell us in our own surveys that one of the things they like best is the quality of our training staff, as this makes it easier to use the new technology,” says Terry Kerr, company president. “In addition, we continue to provide free, ongoing training to our customers from our premises.”

The technology is changing and it's more complex, and the applications are broader, requiring more training certification and support from Nortel Networks to properly service customers in these emerging areas.

Minitel is also proud of how well they are keeping pace - while maintaining a focus on solid customer service “which we believe is our trademark.”
 “Customers can still call in and ask for a personal contact with whom they have a rapport and they feel knows their business,” he says.

In August 2004 Minitel became the exclusive certified supplier of Polycom videoconferencing equipment in the National Capital Region. This technology is increasingly used by businesses to conduct conferences over the internet and save money and time on travel.
   Mr. Kerr outlines two major trends that Minitel has noticed in the past year: “Firstly, a shift towards the purchase of converged telephone systems that support VOIP (voice over internet protocol).
   This enables customers to reduce long distance charges and allows people to work from home or any location and still receive calls as well as voice and e-mail messages.
   "This allows businesses to improve productivity and customer service,” he says. “The Nortel products makes this transition easier and less costly by allowing customers to upgrade their equipment to VOIP while still retaining some of their existing traditional telephones. Also rebates and incentives are offered to further ease the transition.”
The second trend is the explosive growth in wireless voice and data including cell phones, Blackberries, and wireless air cards for computers.
   “As an authorized Telus Mobility dealer, we are able to provide these services on a 'one-stop shopping' basis. We are applying the same business philosophies of personalized service by knowledgeable and friendly people to our cellular customer market.  While still able to service the individual user, we feel our strength is helping a business customer to identify their mobile communication needs and integrating the mobile solution into the overall business communications system.”
Industry surveys and their own questionnaires consistently give recognition to Minitel's sales and technical teams as being knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. 
   “Moving forward after our 23rd anniversary, we are proud of our continued growth in the industry.”

1775 Courtwood Crescent, Ottawa, ON K2C 3J2 (613) 224-8000

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