In order to meet the needs of so many different customers we carry a great range of products from the best manufacturers in the industry including Mitel, Avaya and Samsung as well as our own Minitel Hosted Telephony system (based on the MiVoice Business Platform).  We offer both premise based systems, (where the phone system’s controller is installed at your office) and hosted, Voice Over I.P. telephone systems where the “controller” is hosted in a data centre and connected to your phones across the internet, (sometimes referred to as “VoIP telephone systems” or simply “hosted phone systems”).

Either type of system can meet the needs of most clients.  Ultimately your decision will come down to your unique circumstances, preferences, required features and of course price.  Feel free to explore the links below and give us a call.  A discussion with one of our knowledgeable salespeople will help us tailor a solution to best meet your needs.

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