In addition to business telephone systems we offer a range of complimentary products and services chosen to enhance your system performance and save you money. Whether you need SIP trunks to help reduce the cost of your monthly phone lines, cell phones from a Bell Mobility dealer who focuses solely on business customers, or a just a great price on headsets, conference phones, paging systems and a broad range of telecommunications products give us a call! We will be happy to provide you with a free consultation and a competitive quote.


All phone systems require PSTN access to connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network.  Traditionally this was provided by analog phone lines, typically from a big Telco like Bell Canada. Today, two other technologies compete with analog lines to provide the dial tone you hear when you pick up the phone.  A PRI, (which stands for Primary Rate Interface) is a digital trunk between your system and the PSTN.  It provides 23 voice channels allowing for 23 simultaneous calls at a fraction of the cost of 23 phone lines.

For customers who don’t need 23 channels or require more scalability SIP trunks are the newest method of PSTN connectivity.  SIP trunks, (Session Initiation Protocol) connect your system to the PSTN over the internet.  The cost per channel is similar to a PRI but you can choose any number of channels, allowing clients with any number of users significant cost savings over traditional phone lines.  Note that 911 services on SIP trunks are different from those on traditional phone lines.  Click here to review Minitel’s VOIP 911 User Agreement.

The truth is that with increased use of mobile phones, text messaging and email many businesses are paying for more lines than they need and at higher rates per line than they could get today.  Saving on monthly phone bills can go a long way towards paying for a new phone system.  Let us help save you money!

Minitel Communications proudly offers SIP Trunks, PRIs, traditional phone lines and long distance plans at very competitive prices.  Since each type of trunk offers different strengths and weaknesses, we encourage you to call us for a free consultation, a review of your current lines and a competitive quote.


Mobile phones are an integral part of business communications.  Today, features like mobile twinning allow callers to your desk phone to reach you on your mobile phone and voicemail to email integration allow users to receive their business phone messages to their email on their mobile device.  In order to help our customers integrate mobile devices with their business phone system Minitel Communications became an authorized Bell Mobility dealer more than 10 years ago.  Our dedicated Bell Mobility team focuses only on business clients and are experienced at helping large customers deploy cell phones to their employees and also providing personalized service to each and every client.  Whether it’s dealing with new promotions, hardware upgrades to the newest devices, assisting with damaged phones or sourcing cases and other accessories our team provides best in class Bell Mobility network with a business focused customer service team!

Headsets, conference phones, data switches, paging equipment, cabling and other telecom infrastructure

During our 35 years in business we have hands-on experience with most brands of 3rd party peripherals and telecom equipment.  We’ve built strong relationships with the best manufacturers, distributors and contractors in the industry to ensure our client’s get the best gear at the best prices.  Give us a call for any voice or data requirements and benefit from the Minitel experience!

We partnered with Minitel Communications back in 2012.  Since that time they helped install, support and maintain 30+ phone systems and a host of application servers.  The best part about working with Minitel is that every person works incredibly hard to meet our needs and are proactively looking for solutions that are practical and make sense for us.

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